DSUSB + Nikon D200 + MaximDL 5

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DSUSB + Nikon D200 + MaximDL 5

Post by Broncomech » Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:52 pm

I just received my DSUSB and can report that it controls the D200 very nicely in Windows Vista.
My issue is with using the mirror lock up function with MaximDL 5.07 (and I am guessing most other programs)
the D200 requires the shutter release be pressed two times with this function enabled. First actuation raises the mirror, second actuation
releases the shutter curtain, unfortunately MaximDL only triggers the shutter release once.
This is not a show stopper as the D200 will only lock the mirror up for thirty seconds while waiting for the second push of the shutter release, after thirty seconds it automatically trips the shutter curtain exposing the CCD.
My work around is to add thirty seconds to the exposure time desired and try to convince myself that the wait is necessary to allow the scope to stabilize when in reality ten seconds is more more than enough.
Has anyone discovered any way around this issue other than manually tripping the shutter the first time?


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Re: DSUSB + Nikon D200 + MaximDL 5

Post by dpanderson » Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:50 pm

The folks that Maxim DL would probably be able to modify their software to get it to work properly with the D200. Let them know about the issue.
Doug Anderson
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