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FCBOOST Come Back?

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:55 am
by meat head mike
Hi Doug,
Do you think you can make me one of those FCBoost modules?
I was going to buy the one on Astromart for $35 shipped but it sold.
So i believe i need one.
I dont have enough power with the 10 port 500ma 1.5 amp usb hub but do with the D-Link 4 port 500ma 2amp hub.
With the FCBOOST i should be able to use the FCUSB on any hub?
I did have my focuser to tight because of focuser slop, so i loosened the focuser screws and it works fine, but have a little slop.
With the 9v boost module i should be able to use more tension with the extra 9v power supply, am i correct?
I am using the Orion Accufocuser on a Orion 120 R&P Focuser.
If you can make another, what will the cost be shipped?
Thanks, Mike