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meat head mike
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Post by meat head mike » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:42 pm


This is my idea, The DADCUSB is a Dual Axis Drive Controller used by a USB connection.
Has this product i want been made already?
If not, Can you make it? If so where can i buy it?

I need a way to controll my Orion SkyView Pro Mount's TrueTrack Dual Axis Drive motors.
I have the FCUSB with the correct cable for the Accufocuser and the Orion Accufocusers to controll my focuser.
I do not have the GPUSB because i dont have a webcam or Autoguide at the moment because i havent done the mod to the hanbox for the guide port.
I want to use something so i can move the mount from the PC just like how the FCUSB moves the focuser in and out.
I know it wont move very fast because its just a drive corrector and thats fine, I just want to be able to center the target without touching the mnount!
If this is something that can be made i can be the beta tester for it!

Thanks, Mike

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