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Foot Control

Post by onederbug » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:02 am

Thank You for having me, Doug.
I am struggling with an application for remote shutter control. In this environment, there is no laptop.
This is an assault forensic, exam situation and the nurses need evidence and they need both hands free during the exam process. Many of the victims are young, and/or hysterical.
I am trying to interface (1)Nikon D70 and (5) Nikon D200's via a cable connected FOOT CONTROL.
So, I suppose there is my hang-up. Securing a foot control device to activate the shutter during an exam. Needless to say, you products seem to show I am 80% any suggestions on the foot control.
(I use many types of foot controls in surgery-pneumatic, wired (3-4 wire), so I could shop into a replacement control to modify if necessary).
My appreciation to you and your forum in advance. Charlie

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Re: Foot Control

Post by dpanderson » Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:27 am


For the D200's, it should be fairly easy to interface a foot control to the wired remote shutter connector on the cameras. Shorting the shutter and wake-up pins to the common pin are all that is necessary to fire the camera's shutter. It might be wise to develop a circuit with optoisolators for each camera in order to electrically isolate each camera if you are trying to fire them all from the same foot control.

For the D70 it is much trickier since there is only the infrared remote shutter control. You could probably hack an infrared controller to use a foot switch in parallel with the manual button on the IR remote.
Doug Anderson
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