Just a quick thanks...

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Just a quick thanks...

Post by m4ilm4n » Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:23 pm

Doug -

Your conversion kit for my older SVP (I can't add Orion's go-to kit, that's how old) has breathed new life into my rig. Your instructions were so superb and concise even a major klutz like me could do it.

However, I did have one slight soldering mistake where I just barely had the blue lead touching the second pad - it resulted in the RA motor happily spinning away at 8x speed. Just a quick touch-up and it was good to go. I would recommend that the best approach for soldering the leads (this from someone who solders once every five years?) is to make sure the wire approaches the solder pad along the matching circuit board trace (if that makes any sense); this would reduce the chances of the mistake I made.

Thanks so much for a great kit!

John A.

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