DSUSB cable with Nikon D7000

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DSUSB cable with Nikon D7000

Post by henryz » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:07 am

I received my DSUSB cable Monday, thank you. It looks great, very professional.

I hooked it up and used DSUSBCheck_setup.exe to check its functionality. Everything seems to work. I do have a couple of questions.

I hooked the DSUSB cable up to my Nikon D7000, attached the DSUSB cable to a 7 port USB3 HUB which connected to my laptop through a USB2 active repeater cable. I started Backyard Nikon but my camera would not connect. I then added the standard camera USB cable and BYN could see the camera and connected and everything worked except the Mirrolock delay. I then set the Mode Dial to “Mup” (mirror up mode), and was able to use the mirror lock delay. But with the dial in “Mup” mode, Live View for "Frame & Focus" would not work. Is this how it is supposed to work?

According to the Backyard Nikon’s User Manual mirror lock is not supported for Nikon cameras, so I was surprised when it worked.

So, it looks like with the mode dial in the “S” position (single frame mode), everything works as expected. If I set the mode dial to “Mup”, I can lock the mirror up with a delay, but then when I select “Frame & Focus” nothing happens. Is this how it should work?

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Re: DSUSB cable with Nikon D7000

Post by dpanderson » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:16 pm

I don't have a Nikon D7000 myself, so I can't help you with issues specific to that camera, but I am glad to hear that you received the DSUSB and it is working. Hopefully another D7000 owner here will be able to help. You might also try contacting Backyard Nikon tech support.
Doug Anderson
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Re: DSUSB cable with Nikon D7000

Post by davewood » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:32 am

Last summer I used a D7000 with DSUSB and the Nikon shutter cable DSCBL-15 for the solar eclipse. I found out that in Mup mode, Live View does not work. I used Eclipse Orchestrator to control the camera, and everything worked well for the eclipse, although I did not use Mup mode so that I could focus with Live View.
Best of luck, davewood

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