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USB2EQ6 Interface Cable Connection

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:18 pm
by Christo
So I have recently purchases and began using the USB2EQ6 Interface Cable to control my Atlas mount with my computer. Everything seems to be working well after I got past some user error :(
My one beef is I would like to be able easily attach the cable to the mount without needing to pull out a small screw driver. I figure I could remove the screws that hold it in place on the mount and replace them. I tried unscrewing the screws on the cable with no luck, they do not seem to just un screw. Has anyone done this and how?
My plan is to plug the usb cable into a hub that will be mounted on the tripod but since I must take down and setup every night and I store the mount head in a pelican case I would like to be able to remove the cable with some type of thumb screw and not a small screw driver.
Thanks for any insight.