Converting a Orion/Atik Filter Wheel to Electric

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Converting a Orion/Atik Filter Wheel to Electric

Post by meat head mike » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:18 pm

Hi Shoestrings & All,

A good idea for Shoestings Astronomy would be to make a electric USB controller with a belt drive that attches to the filter holder!
Shoestrings Astronomy makes so many different great, easy to use products already, And i have a few that i use alot,
And they make my nights under the stars a lot more fun :-)
But if you can create a USB Powered kit for these manual filter wheels, That would be a real treat for switching CCD filters!
Using a easy to use program like Focus-Pal and the FCUSB or PHD Guide using your GPUSB, I bet a lot of manual filter wheel users would invest quickly!
Just my thoughts on a new idea :-)..Hope it sounds good enough to start production soon.
The picture included is just for an idea of its mechanics!

Thanks, Mike

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