Using a PC GPS USB adaptor through RJ-11

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meat head mike
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Using a PC GPS USB adaptor through RJ-11

Post by meat head mike » Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:41 am


I have a USB GPS device for my Notebook and i am tring to adapt it to work with the hand controller on a Orion SkyView Pro Goto mount.
I bought an adaptor which is a Female USB-RJ-11 but the mount wont pick up the GPS when its plugged in?
Could the wiring be different on either the GPS device, or the USB-RJ-11 adaptor wires?
I can easly change the wires on the GPS cable, But not the USB-RJ11 adaptor!
Does anyone use a Standarg GPS device and some kind of adaptor with their Goto mount?
Any of these types of mounts should have the same wiring code..I believe?
If anyone can send me a link to where i can buy or build this adaptor to connect between the GPS and the mounts hand controller
so i can have GPS on my mount i would be a happy camper :-)
Why spend $150 +Shipping when i might already have what is needed?

My adaptor might be a RJ-12, But i wrote on the case F-USB-RJ-11?, Its been awhile since ive thought of this!

Thanks, Mike

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